Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Seeing Balls of Light

I sometimes see balls of light floating around. They're not there for long just
a couple of seconds and then they disappear. I’ve seen them come in colors
of white, blue and orange. They’re not very big, around the size of a baseball.
I usually see them at home and one at a time. Once when I was visiting at
my grandma’s house I saw three blue ones they floated there for about five
seconds and then they just disappeared. It seems like, what ever they are,
they know that I’m there and that I can see them, or at least that’s what
I feel. I don’t always see them as balls; some times I see streaks like a
trail of light of some thing going really fast. I’ve seen them when others
who where with me could not. I would ask if anyone else was seeing this light.
I don’t know if they where paying any attention to me or not but they ether
said no or didn’t say anything. So I usually keep it to my self now. These
lights that I see are not reflection of light bouncing off of something like
shinning a flash light on a wall. These lights are floating around in three
dimensional space. I’ve search around on the internet to see if there are
other people seeing these lights. What I have found is yes there are. Do you?